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Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School was founded in 2003 to provide quality instruction and challenging student learning experiences. The school follows the core values of its namesake, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through its mission to empower scholars to make the world a better place by achieving academic, professional, and personal goals. The school provides students equitable access to excellent teachers and leaders and provides opportunities for experiences that build literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. King Elementary School is committed to ensuring that students are successful and understand that they must accept responsibility for their learning to improve their future and compete globally.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School also provides a welcoming environment for students and ensures school safety. Its curriculum focuses on the students by having teachers build positive relationships with them by designing relationship-centered learning environments. Additionally, we focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), developing a project-based Learning (PBL) curriculum, explicit instruction, and assessments for deeper learning.

Furthermore, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary is a Magnet School that focuses on Botany (the study of plants/flowers) and Zoology (the study of animals and their habitats). The STEM program offers students a rigorous and demanding STEM curriculum. Also, the innovative program is designed to provide students with exciting, interactive, and in-depth knowledge of science related to the plant and animal world. 

Martin Luther King Elementary School has partnerships with Zoo Atlanta, Botanical Gardens, Georgia Aquarium, CEISMC at GA Tech, and others that will provide students with opportunities for fun, adventure, and excitement in learning.

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary programs seek to instill qualities and skills in our children that will propel them to become global citizens committed to environmental sustainability and foster a creative-minded community.