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Points of Pride

Points of Pride


2023-2024 STEM Harvest Festival 

STEM Harvest Festival

The Martin Luther King, Jr. STEM Harvest Festival, a unique and engaging event, featured not only vendors and authentic Mexican food but also storytellers and mariachi dancers. MLK families had the opportunity to participate in interactive STEM activities, gaining insights into our upcoming STEM curriculum. The festival was a platform to discuss our forthcoming STEM curriculum and celebrate Hispanic Heritage in a distinctive way.




GA Tech Ceismc Training  

GA Tech Ceismc Training

Our teachers participate in professional development that provides hands-on training on integrating coding to teach students critical thinking skills. This initiative has already shown promising results, with students demonstrating improved problem-solving abilities and a deeper understanding of complex concepts. As Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary continues to take on the new Magnet School initiative, our teachers are thinking outside the box, which will foster students' curiosity about STEM with the theme of Zoology and Botany.

Mother & Son Sneaker Ball  

Mother & Son Sneaker Ball

The Community Prom was a night filled with joy and pride, a true testament to the strong bonds within our MLK community. It was a special occasion for MLK families to dress up and enjoy a social event reminiscent of a high school prom. We were thrilled to witness the enthusiastic participation from our families and stakeholders, with our children and their parents exuding pride. This event truly embodied the spirit of our community, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

2023-2024 Martin Luther King, Jr Elementary Career Day

2023-2024 MLK Career Day

Career Day is an annual event that combines various vocations from all industries. It promotes collaboration between the school and our community and allows the students to peek at potential careers. The presenters provided answers to questions and first-hand knowledge about their jobs.

 STREAM Global Day


In April, M.L. King Elementary students were in for a treat when they received a visit from STREAM Global, an innovative business that creates STEM activities. They provided hands-on learning experiences for students, educators, and industry leaders, aiming to remove the barriers that prevent early career access in underserved communities. During their visit, they shared their expertise and resources, enhancing our students' understanding and interest in STEM. The day started with engaging instructional videos demonstrating how to make specific items. A fun day of STEM began with the main activity, where students and teachers were provided with tools such as cardboard, rubber bands, a balloon, wheels, and metal. The students and teachers enjoyed the fun, exciting day of STEM.